Your next iPhone might need a NEW charger as leaked photo hints at new design

A LEAKED photo has Apple fans thinking that a change may be coming to the iPhone’s charging port.

The leading theory is that the next iPhone will switch to the USB-C charge port seen on some Macbook laptops.

The lightning charger port is the most widely used charging cable today

ChargerLab, a site dedicated solely to power cables and blocks, posted images of Apple’s dual USB-C charger to Twitter, sending fans into a whirl.

The leaked images show the new block with foldable prongs and two ports that are side by side – a feature that ChargerLab notes is out of the ordinary.

The new charging block is expected to come with the power of 35-watts – more than any Apple charging block currently on the market.

The increased wattage should shorten the time it takes to power up, but fans are not thrilled about the new design.

The renderings of the new power block show the ports on one of the short sides of the charger instead of the broad top face.

This will make the charger difficult to use if its plugged into a power strip with other devices in the other sockets.

Secondly, the new charger would put an end to the skinny lightning port that is on every iPhone made since 2012.

A new charging port would shuffle in an era of charging incompatibility between iPhone users with different ports.

Apple stopped including a charger block with the purchase of a new iPhone in 2020 with the release of the iPhone 12 – much to the frustration of fans, and environmental advocates.

And while ditching the lightning port would bring inconsistency to users who normally share chargers, it would make the entire Apple ecosystem run on the same wires.

Most Mac laptops are charged by USB-C cables and desktop Macs often have multiple ports for cables.

Fans of their lightning charger need not fear – the charger business remains a rumor.

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Apple has full proprietary control over the lightning cable – if the rumor that they’re planning a switch is confirmed, then Apple will be opening the door for competitors to step in.

Relatedly, Apple releases a new model of the iPhone every year or so – the iPhone 13 hit the market just a few months ago, meaning we probably won’t see the iPhone 14 until late 2022.

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