Animal Crossing Bunny Day 2022: All six eggs and where to find them

The terror will haunt you for a week (Source: Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Easter themed event, Bunny Day, is back and so is the horrifying bunny.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons has special holiday events throughout the year and Easter is no exception. The event isn’t actually referred to as Easter though, but instead ‘Bunny Day’, as special character Zipper T. Bunny leads the charge as you hunt down eggs, collect crafting recipes, and unlock items exclusive to the event.

Bunny Day runs from April 10 to April 17, with certain items that can only be unlocked on the last day. (Easter Sunday is also April 17.)

To start crafting these exclusive items, you’ll need to begin collecting eggs. They can be found in various places around the island, so you’ll want to be fully geared up with all your tools to ensure you can grab them all. Your villagers will also be harbouring the elusive eggs too.

What are the six egg types and where to find them?

Different eggs are hidden at random points throughout the village, much like the fossils or the fish that you’re used to. Finding them isn’t too hard, but it can be frustrating when you’re after a particular type.

By looking out for the usual signs, you’re bound to get plenty of eggs during the event. As mentioned above, also be sure to talk to any villagers that want your attention, as they’ll also be giving out the eggs or special Bunny Day recipes during the event.

How to find earth eggs

Bunny Day earth eggs

No, they won’t grow an ‘egg tree’. (Image: Nintendo)

Much like fossils, earth eggs are limited to a certain amount each day. You’ll often find about three or four but they’re the hardest to accumulate.

How to find wood eggs

Much like earth eggs, wood eggs are limited in number too. Hitting trees with your axe (making sure you don’t cut them down entirely, make sure to use a ‘flimsy’ or ‘stone’ axe) will spawn eggs.

A normal tree will spawn anywhere between zero and three eggs, but coconut trees planted on the beach should net you more – as hinted at by villagers.

How to find stone eggs

As with the other two types, you can only get a certain amount of eggs per day from the rocks around the island. Hitting them with a shovel can spawn up to eight. You’re not guaranteed to get eight though, as they could be mixed in with the usual items that come out of the stones.

How to find leaf eggs

Growing on your fruitless trees, the leaf egg can be acquired simply by shaking it (which also risks upsetting wasps). You’ll only be able to gain a total of nine per day across three different trees.

How to find water eggs

Water eggs in Animal Crossing

These things are everywhere (Image: Nintendo)

The freedom of unlimited eggs is hidden behind guessing which is a fish and which is an Easter treat. Hunt for medium-sized shadows in the water and you might be rewarded with an egg instead of a fish.

Of course, this is random and you could wind up with another useless sea bass instead.

How to find sky eggs

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s more eggs.

Balloons that float across the sky will now have a chance to drop sky eggs, so be sure to have a slingshot at the ready.

Along with the water eggs, the sky eggs are unlimited as long as you’re not online with friends. When hosting other players, balloons will not fly over the island, so you’ll want to make sure to stay offline while gathering sky eggs.

How to get more Animal Crossing eggs in one day

So, as you can probably tell, the maximum number of eggs per day is quite limited if you decide to remain on your island. However, if you have gathered enough Nook Miles – the points you earn by doing various tasks – you’ll be able to fly to different ‘Mystery Islands’.

As well as hosting potential residents, each island will allow you the chance to gather as many eggs available as there would be on your own island. So up to nine eggs on fruitless trees, etc.

However, because you can just keep going there and back to a randomly generated island, as long as you have the Nook Miles, you’ll be able to gather as many eggs as you see fit.

How do you use eggs?

The eggs you find around the island can be used at the crafting tables to create different recipes that you’ve unlocked throughout the event.

On Easter Day you’ll also need to trade in certain amounts to acquire unique items from Zipper, either through the event or on April 17.

How to get egg recipes in Animal Crossing


Horrifically creepy (Image: Nintendo)

Throughout the Bunny Day event, you’ll begin to notice that the various random items that hover in the sky via balloon or wash up on shore in bottles will become egg-themed. Keep your eyes peeled will earn you a random reward in the form of a recipe.

All you need to do then is to gather the necessary eggs to craft them. Once you’ve collected everything – it’s a lot – on April 17, Bunny Day, you’ll be rewarded with the Wobbling Zipper Toy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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