FIFA 22 & Battlefield 2042 listed for Xbox Game Pass

EA is just two steps away from just paying people to play Battlefield 2042 (pic: EA)

The Xbox store lists both FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042 as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, but no one can download them yet.

With Battlefield 2042 suffering from a dwindling player-base, EA is no doubt eager to get people back into it. From the look of things, its newest strategy is to add it to EA Play and, thus, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

That way, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play it for free, which is definitely a more enticing prospect than paying the full £59.99. It’s not the only game either, as apparently FIFA 22 will also be joining it.

News of FIFA 22 joining Xbox Game Pass cropped up last week, courtesy of Twitter user IdleSloth. At the time, they claimed it was available already, but later backtracked and said it will be added on Thursday, May 5.

(Update) Looks like FIFA 22 will not be coming to #XboxGamePass until next week Thursday, May 5th

— Idle Sloth💙💛 (@IdleSloth84) April 28, 2022

However, right now, you can see it and Battlefield 2042 marked as being part of EA Play on the official Xbox store.

For some reason though you can’t access the games yet despite these listings, which adds credence to the idea that they’re not meant to be available until this Thursday.

German outlet Xboxdynasty says it tried to download FIFA 22 but its EA Play subscription via Xbox Game Pass didn’t allow it.

One Twitter user attempted the exact same thing and was told they only had access to the FIFA 22 trial and needs to purchase the full game.

Hi @EAPlay

Ik heb een probleem met FIFA 22. Ik heb namelijk, o.a. voor dat spel, een EA play pro abonnement afgesloten. Echter sluit het zo maar af en blijft het zeggen dat ik het moet kopen en nog minder dan een uur de proef versie heb.

Dat vind ik een beetje vreemd…

— Marc Van Boven (@MarcieMarcuss) May 2, 2022

You can no doubt expect an official announcement from Microsoft and EA later this week, since this doesn’t appear to be the result of a glitch or error in the system. If it was, it either would have been resolved or acknowledged by now.

You can see the listings for yourself, for both FIFA 22 and Battlefield 2042, on the UK Xbox Store, the US store, and the German store.

It’s not too surprising to see FIFA 22 added to the Game Pass line-up, since Sony has already confirmed it as one of May’s free PlayStation Plus games.

While Battlefield 2042 has enjoyed an increase in player count over the last month, it’s still attracting less than 5,000 players on Steam. Steam Charts shows that the player count has gone up by less than 2% in the last 30 days and is nowhere near the highs it enjoyed at launch.

FIFA 22 is faring much better but has still suffered a notable drop. Upwards of nearly 90,000 people were playing it in February, but it’s currently averaging at under 37,500 players.

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