Fisher-Price Xbox controller is hilarious but annoying

Now even your 2-year old can play Elden Ring (pic: Twitter)

Someone has turned a Fisher-Price toy for babies into a fully functional Xbox controller and is considering using it for a speed run.

Just when you thought the furry Sonic and Knuckles Xbox controllers, made for the second Sonic The Hedgehog movie, were the weirdest controllers you’d ever seen, someone has come along and topped it with a Fisher-Price Xbox controller.

We don’t mean someone has customised an Xbox controller to look like a Fisher Price toy using Xbox’s own design lab website or anything like that. Instead, they have modified an actual Fisher-Price toy to work as an Xbox controller.

Specifically, it’s a Fisher-Price Game & Learn controller designed for babies and intended to develop their motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination.

It’s not for sale, obviously, and is the work of Twitter user Rudeism, who describes himself as a ‘builder of bizarre controllers.’

Rudeism also shared a video to prove that it does indeed work, connecting it to his laptop to play Elden Ring for peak tonal dissonance. While the face buttons may not be a one-to-one match to the Xbox controller (they’re labelled A, B, C, and D instead of A, B, X, and Y for starters), it functions exactly like one.

here’s the Fisher Price Xbox controller in action!

let me know what games you’d like to see me play with it

and thanks to @Wario64 for the off-hand joke that inspired me to make this happen 😂

— Rudeism (@rudeism) May 1, 2022

You’ll notice the lack of a right control stick for camera control, with a yellow slider in its place. However, Rudeism modified that too so, by flicking it, it changes the function of the control stick, allowing it to perform double duty for movement and camera control.

It also changes the functions of the face buttons, turning them into the Start and Select buttons that bring up the menu and map.

It’s not an ideal replacement for a regular controller, since it still makes sound effects and plays music as you push the buttons. Which is entertaining for a baby, presumably, but infuriating for everyone else, especially if you use it for something which requires constant movement and button presses, like a fighting game.

Still, it’s an amusing novelty and Rudeism has suggested learning how to speed run a game for charity event Awesome Games Done Quick using the controller.

It’s even been acknowledged by Seamus Blackley, who helped create the original Xbox console. ‘I fully endorse this new BabyDuke controller,’ he wrote, in reference to how the original Xbox’s controller was nicknamed the Duke.

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