Nintendo Switch Sports takes UK number one – Games charts 30 April

Wii Sports is back in action (pic: Nintendo)

Wii Sports is a hit again, as spiritual successor Nintendo Switch Sports goes straight to the top of the UK retail sales chart.

Although there was plenty of doubt as to how well Wii Sports pseudo-sequel Nintendo Switch Sports would perform, it’s gone straight to the top of the UK physical sales charts and sold more than double that of Mario Party Superstars at launch, and six times that of Ring Fit Adventure.

It sold less than half of Wii Sports Resort from 2009 but that’s much more than many would’ve expected, given the changes in the market since then. It’s especially encouraging for Nintendo given that it’s the sort of title that is certain to have a long tail, with high sales likely to continue for months and perhaps years.

The only other movement of note in this week’s chart was from already released titles, with Gran Turismo 7’s jump in sales an indication of increased availability of the PlayStation 5 itself.

UK all formats retail chart – 30 April

1 (-) Nintendo Switch Sports (NS)
2 (1) Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (NS/PS5/XO/PS4)
3 (11) Gran Turismo 7 (PS5/PS4)
4 (7) Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4)
5 (3) Pokémon Legends: Arceus (NS)
6 (4) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS)
7 (6) Elden Ring (PS5/PS4/XO/PC)
8 (8) Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS5/PS4/XO/XSX/PC)
9 (12) Kirby And The Forgotten Land (NS)
10 (10) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (NS)

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Japanese console chart – 17 April

1 (1) Kirby And The Forgotten Land (NS)
2 (-) 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (NS)
3 (2) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS)
4 (-) Winning Post 9 2022 (NS)
5 (-) Battle Spirits: Connected Battlers (NS)
6 (-) Winning Post 9 2022 (PS4)
7 (3) Minecraft (NS)
8 (5) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (NS)
9 (4) Pokémon Legends: Arceus (NS)
10 (9) Ring Fit Adventure (NS)

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U.S. all formats chart – March

1 (1) Elden Ring (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)
2 (-) Gran Turismo 7 (PS4/PS5)
3 (-) Kirby And The Forgotten Land (NS)*
4 (-) MLB: The Show 22 (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5)#
5 (2) Horizon Forbidden West (PS4/PS5)
6 (3) Pokémon Legends: Arceus (NS)*
7 (-) WWE 2K22 (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)*
8 (8) Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (NS)*
9 (6) Call Of Duty: Vanguard (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)
10 (-) Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)

*does not include digital sales

#only includes MVP and Digital Deluxe Editions

Note: U.S. charts are organised by revenue, not unit sales

The NPD Group/NPD Funworld

GameCentral Top 20 – 2021

1. Returnal (PS5)
2. Metroid Dread (NS)
3. Wildermyth (PC)
4. Forza Horizon 5 (XO/XSX/PC)
5. Monster Hunter Rise (NS)
6. The Forgotten City (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
7. Inscryption (PC)
8. Chicory: A Colorful Tale (PS4/NS/PS5/PC)
9. Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
10. Loop Hero (NS/PC)
11. Psychonauts 2 (XO/PS4/XSX/PC)
12. Guilty Gear -Strive- (PS4/PS5/PC)
13. Dungeon Encounters (PS4/NS/PC)
14. Halo Infinite (XO/XSX/PC)
15. It Takes Two (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)
16. Genesis Noir (XO/NS/PC)
17. New Pokémon Snap (NS)
18. Little Nightmares 2 (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
19. Death’s Door (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
20. The Eternal Cylinder (XO/PS4/PC)

The chart above lists our best reviewed titles of 2021 but as usual does not include remakes, remasters, expansions, re-releases, compilations, games not yet released in the UK, or versions of games previously released on other formats.

Readers’ Top 20 – 2021

1. Returnal (PS5)
2. Metroid Dread (NS)
3. Psychonauts 2 (XO/PS4/XSX/PC)
4. Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
5. Forza Horizon 5 (XO/XSX/PC)
6. Resident Evil Village (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC/Stadia)
7. Life Is Strange: True Colors (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC/Stadia)
8. The Forgotten City (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
9. Far Cry 6 (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC/Stadia/Luna)
10. Outriders (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC/Stadia)
11. Chicory: A Colorful Tale (PS4/NS/PS5/PC)
12. Tales Of Arise (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)
13. Little Nightmares 2 (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
14. Death’s Door (XO/PS4/NS/XSX/PS5/PC)
15. It Takes Two (XO/PS4/XSX/PS5/PC)
16. Monster Hunter Rise (NS)
17. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PS4/NS/PC)
18. Deathloop (PS5/PC)
19. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS5)
20. Halo Infinite (XO/XSX/PC)

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