PS5 Pro release date ‘leak’ reveals how supercharged console could be 2.5x faster than PlayStation 5

A POWERFUL new PlayStation console could be here in under two years.

That’s according to a top gaming YouTuber who claims Sony is hard at work on a PS5 sequel.

Sony already sells two versions of the PS5 – the normal model, and a cheaper ‘discless’ editionCredit: Sony PlayStation

The rumoured console is being described as a PS5 Pro.

It’s long been assumed that Sony would launch a PS5 Pro at some point.

Now YouTuber Paul Eccleston – speaking on his RedGamingTech channel – said that the PS5 Pro was already in development, as spotted by GamesRadar.

He claimed that the information came from insider sources.

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The console is expected to be roughly 2.5x more powerful than the current PS5.

And the release date could land in late 2023 or early-to-mid 2024.

The creation of a “Pro” console wouldn’t be unprecedented.

Sony followed 2013’s PlayStation 4 with a PS4 Pro in 2016 – a gap of three years.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, which could put a PS5 Pro release in 2023 or 2024.

Xbox made similar moves with its Xbox Series S (less powerful than the Series X), as well as the Xbox One X from the previous generation.

But gamers will be glad to hear Sony is still working to boost performance on its consoles.

PC gamers get graphical boosts through new hardware very regularly, but consoles are harder to upgrade.

However, it’s unclear whether Sony will have resolved its stock issues in time for the PS5 Pro.

It’s still extremely difficult to get a PS5 more than two years after launch.

The console has been plagued by high demand and supply limitations.

And the same has been true for its Xbox rival.

It’s also unconfirmed whether Sony is actually working on a new PlayStation console.

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Sony won’t reveal details about new products until it’s ready – which could be years away.

Until then, take all rumours about a PS5 Pro with a pinch of salt.

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