Russian Loop Hero developer says it’s okay to pirate its game

It’s not often you’ll see developers be okay with people stealing their games (pic: Four Quarters)

With Russia facing sanctions from companies like Valve and Nintendo, studio Four Quarters has said their fine with people stealing their game.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has led to several Ukrainian game developers, like GSC Game World, putting their projects on hold for the time being. However, it’s also affected Russian studios, albeit in a different way thanks to sanctions imposed against the country for the invasion.

In the case of Loop Hero studio Four Quarters, it’s no longer able to sell its game in its own country, as Valve and Nintendo are no longer accepting Russian payments. So, Four Quarters has decided to advocate piracy.

First spotted by PC Gamer, a post from Four Quarters on Russian social media website VK helps ‘raise the pirate flag’ by sharing a torrent link for Loop Hero, which allows people to play it for free.

‘It is not known when all this will end, therefore, in such difficult times, we can only help everyone to raise the pirate flag (together with VPN) and share the most popular distribution on the RuTracker,’ it reads according to Google Translate.

People responded with messages of thanks and support, with some even offering to donate, but Four Quarters asked that everyone focus on taking care of their loved ones.

Fortunately for Four Quarters, Loop Hero hasn’t been blocked from sale over here, so you can easily purchase it yourself on Steam or Switch if you wish to support the studio.

Four Quarters has publicly spoken against the war, openly tweeting as such on the very day of Russia’s invasion. At the time of writing, this is the last thing it posted via its Twitter account and it remains pinned to the top of its profile.

Other major games companies have also contributed to the Russian sanctions, whether by halting sales of their games in the country or removing Russian content. For example, EA’s current FIFA and NHL games no longer feature Russian teams and clubs.

Loop Hero is available of Nintendo Switch and PC.

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