Twitch unbans speedrunner despite threating to ‘shoot people’

Twitch agreed to reduce her ban following a remorseful appeal (pic: Narcissa Wright)

Speedrunner Narcissa Wright’s Twitch ban has been reduced to only 22 days, even though she tweeted about shooting up Twitch HQ.

After returning to Twitch following a near four-year long absence, speedrunner and streamer Narcissa Wright wound up being permanently banned only two days later for violating the platform’s terms of services.

In a Twitter thread, she explained that while she was sharing her Discord screen, a Discord user she was having a conversation with shared a NSFW image. Obviously frustrated for being banned because of someone else’s actions, she tweeted ‘I want to kill myself and shoot people at the Twitch HQ.’

The tweet has been deleted since then, although it can still be seen on Reddit. Considering Twitch has dealt with a shooting incident at its headquarters before, it wouldn’t be surprising if it took this perceived threat seriously, even if Wright meant nothing by it.

but then I get PERMANENT SUSPENDED and there’s no human conversation, and like, I’m going through some major shit, I didn’t wanna see a gross image or be told to kill myself, but I guess because I accidentally showed something gross I get fucking destroyed and deplatformed

— narcissa (@narcissawright) March 22, 2022

Instead, Twitch has decided to reduce her ban to only 22 days, thanks in part to a remorseful appeal. In an email shared by Wright, it says ‘After reviewing your case, we can confirm that the correct enforcement was issued.

‘However, given the details of your case, including the remorse expressed in your appeal, we have decided to reduce your suspension duration.’

Wright previously insisted her tweet was not to be taken seriously, telling Dexerto that it was more of an act of self-harm. ‘I know this is an edgy comment but I think if Twitch really cared about mental health they would have reached out and talked to me instead of suddenly deplatforming me,’ she said.

‘I don’t own any weapons and the threat was non-credible. I did feel like self-harming though, and the Tweet was my way of self-harming.’

This isn’t the first time Wright has dealt with a Twitch ban. She was hit with an indefinite suspension in 2018 for more or less the same reason, although she told Vice at the time that she couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause.

With her only recently managing to get back on Twitch, this entire incident is some extremely poor timing, although she seems grateful that Twitch was willing to hear her out this time.

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