These $100TRILLION asteroids could make every human a billionaire

ASTEROIDS usually spell doom and gloom – but some could actually make you super rich.

How so, you might ask?

An asteroid is usually bad news but it could also be good news for your bank balanceCredit: Getty

Many are actually full of useful materials worth a few bob back on Earth.

According to Asterank, the most juicy of the lot comes in at over $100trillion / £74trillion.

Davida is one of the biggest asteroids known to humankind and thought to be the most valuable.

The 202 miles-wide rock is said to hold a number of rich bits.

Those include nickel, iron, cobalt, nitrogen, hydrogen and ammonia.

But before you start planning your trip into space, Davida is not believed to be the most cost effective asteroid worth mining.

That’s because it orbits the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which is way out.

The one you really want to go for is Ryugu which, in theory, would cost a lot less to grab because it sometimes crosses Earth’s orbit.

Its value is estimated to be at $82.76billion / £61.15billion, netting you a tidy profit of $30.08billion / £22.22billion.

So how do scientists work it out?

According to Asterank, “accurate, up-to-date information from world markets and scientific papers” are used to make their estimates.

Though they admit we actually know “very little about the composition of asteroids” for a more exact valuation.

Asteroid Davida is thought to be the most valuable asteroid, but it's too far from Earth

Asteroid Davida is thought to be the most valuable asteroid, but it’s too far from EarthCredit: Getty

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